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Wine is a beverage that needs special attention and an exquisite company to our most special moments. Modern wine racks are not for storing wines. Modern wine racks are products with technological systems, which are designed to serve the purpose of storing them in the most ideal places possible. If in your wine cabinet there is no more room left for your wine collection, our team will definitely meet your expectations, offering you the best solutions coming up with the most comprehensive projects that will maximize harmony with the decor taking into account the needs of your home or office. Because interior design is an act of art. It covers a wide range of styles that can be described as young, mixed or moody; as well as such basic styles as classic, modern, high-tech, baroque, country, features a variety of design styles, each appealing to a different taste.  Applying its knowledge, success and experience in design, furniture decoration and production to wine racks and modular shelves production, Ergin Antique Furniture, in this regard, contributes to the winds of changes blowing across the business. In addition to producing industrial products for the use of firms that operate internationally, our firm is also engaged in production of shelves in place-fitting modular systems. Our exclusive works complement the glory of trees growing in a clean environment with our designs' clear lines.


Long-lasting products, quality tests, meeting international standards, healthy products, production capacity, care in delivery

1. Our products which are produced of acacia in general are long lasting and durable, maintaining the features of acacia tree.

Acacia is a name used for trees or bonsai belonging to the leguminous family which are thorny generally with ever- green leaves. Having 600 species, and growing automatically in warm to mild and semi-tropical areas, primarily in Australia, the tree offers lots of benefits together with its fine look and pleasant scent. Making our shelves out of these trees which are as much beautiful as they are durable, we attach importance to making sure that our products are healthier and long lasting.


         2. Each phase of production is controlled by experts with meticulous examinations.

  To us, quality is not merely a word but it is an indication of professionalism. In quality control processes that follow production, our products are put into weight tests. Only those products which can bear the weight successfully and pass the tests are put on sale. In this regard, under the trademark name of ARDINART, Ergin Antique Furniture Corp, will be most honoured and glad to work with the customers to whom quality is a matter of importance. 


           3. Our products meet American and European standards.

         Supplying wine racks and cellars for American and European markets except from their domestic counterparts, our Firm is honoured to share with its customers that the firms  whom it provides with products in compliance with American and European standards,  secures a  guarantee of 15 to 20 years.

            4. Our products do not contain any chemical substances harmful to human health.   

        Healthiness matters more than any other thing. Where health does not exist there could be no talk of anything else. The saying "Health comes first" is still true today. We, as ARDINART show our difference by the importance we attach to health and accordingly, offer products in complete awareness of how health is significant. In order for shelves that we produce to qualify as healthy, they go through a very hard and demanding technical process and are not exposed to any chemical process of colouring.

            5. Production Capacity 

 Our firm maintains a notion of principled working. The number of the wine cabinet shelves that our firm is producing can rise as high as 3000 - 6000 depending on the capacity of monthly production.  Promising to reach the same figures in the modular shelve productions as well, the firm underlines its commitment to continuing its business in line with the customer expectations.


           6. Care in Delivery

Acting in accordance with the principle of discipline, our firm treats the delivery process with special care, bringing forth its dedication to working and customer satisfaction by ensuring delivery of any given product on time which is determined according to the operation capacity during mass production.   

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