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       Designing decorations of wood for many places ranging from hotels, stores, offices, homes, villas, banks, to restaurants, cafés, bars, Ergin Antique Furniture Corp. was first established as Ergin Furniture in 1984. It, then, grew into a corporation in 1996 and changed its name to Ergin Antique Furniture Corp. Self-producing most of its productions and services and offering a variety of solutions to its customers for over 25 years, Ergin Antique Furniture Corp. is also engaged in export. Our corporation, in addition to commencing its production of wooden wine cellars and wine racks with the trademark of ARDİNART, is keeping up its business with an ever-growing range of service area.

             OUR PHILOSPHY 

       At all times, furniture and decorative products of wood have been in demand.  Solidness and healthiness woods help the best hands to craft them into artistic furniture of a graceful look.  The means of our company, compounded by the years of experience of our experts, enables it to provide our customers with elite products. At the heart of our philosophy lies the effort to do our best all the time. That is why we have adopted the principle of constant innovation and the aim of being one step ahead rather than catching up with the ultimate. In the competitive environment of markets, we have crafted out ourselves a perfect place. We are moving forward in that direction by adding up to our success.


 Success comes with systematic working, labour, strong communication and the speed with which to keep in pace with the modern era. As a firm, credited for its success in furniture decoration business with our professional staff and long years of experience, we deemed it duty to sail for new achievements. With our new identity, and trading name, and as a corporate that produces good quality, healthy and aesthetic products, ready to stand by what it produces, and undaunted by the challenges it is faced with, we are determined to add new ones to our success in wine racks and modular shelves production business. 

            OUR MISSION

The place in which we live does matter, indeed. Where we live or work should be speaking for us. The colour of walls, the furniture, the curtains, the ornaments, the desk, the computer... and many other things- every one of them are reflective of human spirit and moods. These (no matter how much they cost) should not serve the mere purpose of filling spaces.  Instead, all of these objects should make a person feel comfortable and offer a harmonious unity and should not pose any threats to human health. In this context, our aim is to be foremost in the sector, not compromising our concepts of quality, health and aesthetic, when operating in cooperation with firms that give, just like us, prominence to these three criteria, giving a boost to the markets both at home and abroad, by making wine racks and modular shelves affordable. We also aim to make our voice heard throughout the world by expanding our customer range to include the industrial field, as well. 


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