How to Be a Good Wine Lover

wine lover

Being a wine lover primarily means accepting a culture of its own and making it a lifestyle by consuming wine both with meals and in leisure time. People who have the skill of weighing a wine in many ways and who put this evaluation potential into action with pleasure are known as wine lovers.

Wines that have become a culture in their own right with their origins, colors, aromas, smells, and years; It is loved by a wide audience. These products, which are seen as an important collection material, differ from each other in many ways. It is up to people who love good wine to evaluate these aspects.

A Good Wine Lover and His Rule of Four

Many wine experts say that the way to be a good wine lover is based on four rules. These rules can be seen as an act of evaluating a wine in different aspects. At this point where determinations such as taste, smell, and country are made about the wine, the evaluation criteria are as follows:

good wine lover
  • Examine the color of the wine. Generally, white wines tend to take on a dark hue as they age. In red wines, this situation moves in the opposite direction. Experts state that red wines are usually lighter in color according to the aging age.
  • Turn the glass slowly. A good wine lover knows that when good wine is slowly turned, it will leave some marks on the rim of the glass. By tasting these traces it becomes easier to test the aroma of the wine. You can use this method to better taste the wine in your hand.
  • Become aware of its smell. This, of course, requires you to be involved with wine for many years and to taste the smell of many different wines. However, some odor norms are still stereotyped. For example, in white wines, quality can be found in the scent of agricultural products such as lemon or lime, or even melon. If your wine has a similar odor to these products, you are likely to be drinking a glass of fine wine. In white wines, mulberry and red plum scents are more dominant. Feeling the smell of fruits such as blackberries can also be a reliable stop for red wine.
  • Sip it. After you become aware of the taste and smell, you can get new impressions about the wine by sipping it. Although this is the most important part, it is a phase that can be easily understood by a wine lover but needs to develop over time.

You Need to Measure the Temperature Correctly

One of the most important points of being a good wine lover is to give importance to the temperature of the wine. Each type of wine waits to be served at the right temperature to accurately reflect its taste to the wine lover. At this point, experts have some warnings and suggestions.

For example, if you are organizing a house party where you will serve wine, it is beneficial to act by pre-arranging the temperature of the wines. A good wine lover knows very well that red wine should be served between 15 and 18 degrees. For rosé wines, this temperature scale ranges from 7 to 13 degrees. When it comes to white wine, a temperature between 6 and 10 degrees is considered suitable. A good wine lover will know how to reach the peaks of wine pleasure by distinguishing the temperature according to the colors.

The Right Cup and the Right Grip

A good wine lover pays attention to the detail of the glass to properly balance the speed of consumption and the aroma of the wine. At this point, standard wine glasses are recommended for red wines. Glasses with a slightly longer and narrower structure are ideal. However, a slightly wider mouth is recommended for white wines. However, it must be said that both types of wines will not grin too much in standard glasses.

A good wine lover attaches great importance to glass holding due to the appearance to be given outside. You’ll never be a good wine lover if you’re holding your glass wrong. You must hold the wine glass as if it belongs to you and grasp the glass by the handle. When you want to examine the color of the wine, instead of trying to turn the glass, you can examine the color and tone of the wine by turning your wrist or arm. You will be a good wine lover when you pay attention to all these details expressed by wine experts and create your taste in time.

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