It reflects the concave appearance with its geometric veins and surface properties. Transformed into a work of art in the hands of Ardinart’s professional team, this model provides a relaxing symmetrical design in the areas of sitting, relaxation and sleeping, while at the same time providing a unique blend of modern design and trend decoration.


As the name suggests, it has a checkers patterned design. Checkers living spaces created in harmony of light and dark colors; provides great integrity in the areas of relaxation, sitting and dining. Providing a modern look in terms of decoration, this model is a perfect match with other decoration and interior design features.


Containing different tones of natural wood colour, Strip creates an ambience that almost makes you feel endless with a natural and unique design. With a fine-line design, it offers a modern and retro appearance to the environment.


It easily adapts to the integrity of a retro and vintage design with horizontal and irregular protrusions. It appeals to modern and original aesthetics with a classic look in the living and dining areas. This natural wall covering, consisting of different tiles in length, creates an effective and eye-catching layer for decoration.


Forming a symmetrical design with their vertical and horizontal geometry, Radius Wood Panels create a rhythmic ambience in seating and resting areas. With its structure that creatively adopts to today’s modern decoration trends and internal decoration, it is a wall coating with unique quality and design.


With its design consisting of vertical and horizontal lines, it eliminates stasis in areas of use. This model, which creates a sense of continuity in Ardinart professionalism, brings vitality and harmony to decoration. The horizontal and vertical line groups, one after the other, stimulate the environment and fully match the decoration elements furnished in a modern and retro style.


Combined from tiles with an asymmetric structure, this design adds movement and dynamism to the environment. The horizontal and vertical line groups, one after the other, stimulate the environment and fully match the decoration elements furnished in a modern and retro style. It creates a perfect harmony with modern designed decoration elements.


It is an Ardinart mastery with convex design. The design, consisting of horizontal and vertical convex parts, allows for a warm and full look in spaces. Particularly well suited to rounded decorating styles, Gibbons fits perfectly with vintage, modern and retro decorations.


Produced with Ardinart expertise and professionalism, this exclusive model is in harmony with modern design trends and decoration elements. Trapez consists of contrasting parts, which is a very popular design trend nowadays.


Thanks to different design models, the walls have a sleek and high quality design! One of the two specially made models of Ardinart Wood Panels, Parkett reflects its style to walls with an elegance where class, aesthetic and uniqueness come together.

Visual Feast on the Walls!

You can imagine how difficult it is to process wood. The design and production stages, which the professional Ardinart team has meticulously focused on to every point, are carried out with great dedication!

“There are two men inside the artist, the poet and the craftsman. One is born a poet. One becomes a craftsman.”

Emile Zola


Great Dedication!

Wooden panels are a wonderful reflection of meticulous craftsmanship.


Natural and original!

It’s designed naturally from nature.



It does not require extra installation and installation knowledge!