Wine Collection: 5 Ways to Protect Your Collection in Warm Weather

wine collection

Anyone who collects wine knows well that the preservation of wine is always an important detail. Also, those interested in the wine collection often pair the drink in question with Mediterranean dishes.

It is possible to say that Mediterranean people are much more fond of wine than people living in other regions. For this reason, it can be said that the climatic conditions in the geography where wine is consumed the most affect people who are interested in collecting wine.

The summer heat can be one of the biggest challenges for those who want to collect wine. Without proper climate control, you could endanger your entire wine warehouse. Temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius can permanently degrade the flavor of wine for a significant period. If it is above 25 degrees, you start cooking the wine.

So how do you preserve your Chardonnays and Merlots in the scorching temperatures? You can find the best tips for storing wine in warm climates in our article. Whether you have a sophisticated wine cellar or just want to preserve the wine that will brighten your kitchen this summer, many details are important to you in our article.

Keep Wine Out of the Light

Light is the enemy of wine as it tends to produce heat. Light, especially sunlight, can pose potential problems for long-term storage for wine collection. It is known that UV rays in the sun age the wine prematurely and spoil its chemical properties. For this reason, those who want to collect wine should be careful against sunlight.

The glass used for wine bottles is usually tinted to deflect light, but it’s best to keep the wine away from windows. Prefer to store it in darker or more shady places around the house. Keep in mind that the light from household light bulbs probably won’t damage the wine, but can cause your labels to fade over time. The label is very important for wine collectors in the identification and aging processes.

Don’t Buy Wines That Are Already Hot

Whether you’re buying from a store or a boutique, be mindful of where and how the wine is stored and displayed. This is extremely important for your long-term thinking about collecting wine. Are the bottles in direct sunlight? Is it sweltering inside? Are you seeing only a fan instead of an AC unit? If the store floor is warm, the stock room maybe even warmer.

The way liquor stores receive their wine stocks is also important. Some places take pallets of packed wine and then leave them outside in the sun before letting the boxes in. Therefore, try to shop in stores that have protected buyer sections during temperature extremes. Also, buying wine online can be detrimental in this regard. For this reason, it is recommended that you see the wines you collect for the wine collection.

Keep It Cool, Not Cold!

The ideal temperature range for storing wine is between 7 degrees and 18 degrees. However, don’t panic if your tank runs a few degrees warmer. If you’re opening bottles within a few years of release, a consistent temperature of just over 18 degrees should be no problem for the wine collection.

It is fine to store wine in the refrigerator, but not more than three months. The average refrigerator temperature drops below 7 degrees, and a lack of moisture can eventually dry out the mushrooms. While heat is dangerous for wine, storing wine in a place where it can freeze is a big mistake. If the liquid starts to turn into ice, it can expand enough to push the cork out.

Don’t Store Wine in the Refrigerator

This might seem like a good idea, especially if you have limited space. However, many wine collectors have a clear idea that you should avoid using the top of your refrigerator as storage space. We leave a gap between the refrigerator and the wall for an important reason.

Over time the heat from the coils in the refrigerator can raise, making the top of the refrigerator one of the warmest possible places to store wine bottles in your home.

Use the Right Wine Storage Solution For Your Wine Collection

Finally, while the location is important when it comes to storing wine, storage can also play a big role in regulating temperature. Wine racks produced by Ardinart will allow the most accurate storage of wine.

It is extremely important to choose the right wine rack so that the wine can be stored healthily and set aside for healthy consumption in the long or short term. Wine racks, which both visually make an important contribution to the atmosphere at home and house the wines that you want to keep for wine collection, will always make your work much easier.

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